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Our people are the difference

Our people

Employees are the cornerstone of our business. At the end of 2016, we employed around 28,250 people.

Employee relations

Following the disruptive nature of employee relations in 2012 and the five-month long strike in 2013, we are redoubling our efforts to engage directly with our employees to re-establish and maintain mutual trust. Parties to our Employee Relations Recognition Agreement are in the process of establishing forums which will facilitate constructive engagement between management, trade unions and employees with the aim of developing sound relationships.

Together, building trust and a rewarding workplace is how we can create real value.

Investing in our skills base

Having a skilled, diverse, motivated and productive workforce is fundamental to delivering our business strategy. Our human resource development is a vital strategic tool to ensure continuous employee engagement, top performance and quality service delivery. It is also integral to our workplace transformation.

We strive to:

  • attract and retain the best talent
  • offer meaningful and stimulating work
  • provide opportunities for personal development
  • pay people competitively
  • recognise and reward excellence
  • encourage diversity

We have a good pipeline of skills, particularly at entry level as a result of our graduate and fast-tracking programmes. We take an integrated approach to recruitment, talent management and retention in an effort to meet the demand for HDSA candidates, including women, at managerial level. For more information, download the Integrated Report 2016.

We invest in the development of our people, giving them the skills and resources they need to grow with our industry and with our company.

Training and development

Training and development are important elements of our human resources development model.

Our training and development programmes include:

  • Career paths and training plans for all disciplines and job categories
  • Adult basic education and training
  • Skills development, including safety training; operational risk management programmes; training of occupational safety and health representatives; Zero Harm training; and visible felt leadership training
  • Engineering training schemes
  • Fast-tracking programmes which address skills shortages in engineering and mining and help us meet our Mining Charter target
  • Leadership development for various tiers of management
  • Young professionals programme aimed at supporting our pipeline of professionals and helping meet our employment equity targets. We provide bursaries and graduate in-training programmes in the various engineering fields as well as geology, metallurgy, mine surveying and finance. In 2014 we provided bursaries for 250 people, 79.6% of whom were HDSAs and 34.8% were women

For more information, download the Integrated Report 2016.


Our transformation programme aims to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of South Africa’s population and, in so doing, comply with the requirements of the Mining Charter. We have more than met Charter requirements – HDSAs represent 63% of those in management positions and women make up 17.4% of our workforce.

For more information, download the Integrated Report 2016.


Jenny Kalidheen

Group safety operations manager
BSc Hons Geology, MEng Mining

Jenny has achieved exceptional success at different operational levels, gaining her Mine Manager Certification along the way. She currently holds a corporate management position overseeing the safety of four of our largest underground platinum mines. Two of these mines have recently achieved 3 million fatality free shifts each and have been nominated for Mine Safe Awards.

Hard work and persistence have earned her the credibility of her male peers. Truly an inspiration to other women in the business, Jenny says “Toughness is not dependent on being crude or cruel. You can be feminine and tough. I love my femininity as much as I rely on my toughness. What others call tough, I call persistent!”

Women in Mining

Mary-Jane Mpofu

Winding Engine Driver
Winding Engine Driver’s Certificate

Mary-Jane started her mining career in May 2002 at the Khomanani Mine as a belt attendant. From there, following training and acquired experience, she was appointed as an onsetter in March 2006. And after obtaining her winding engine driver’s Certificate, she was appointed as the first female winding engine driver in 2009, the position that she currently holds.

“When I started at the mines, there was this perception that some jobs can only be done by men. I was, and still am, determined to change that. Through the support from my line management, especially my mentor, Anton de Waal, and the support that I get from the HRD department, I am determined to become the first female shaft foreman and possibly shaft mine overseer.

Women in Mining

Lebogang Hlahla

Shaft geologist
BSc Hons Geology

Lebogang holds a BSc Hons Geology from The University of the Witwatersrand. She started her mining career at Anglo American Platinum in January 2008 as a shaft geologist. After intense training, she got appointed as section geologist in November of the same year. She is currently a shaft geologist at Union South mine and is passionate about mining.

“I have strong intellectual aspirations, a strong desire to do something of value and be successful in life. I aspire to expand my professional skills in order to succeed at corporate level. My ultimate goal is to obtain a position of responsibility and authority.”

Accommodation and living conditions

We want all our employees to enjoy decent housing and living conditions and appreciate that this is necessary for the development of stable and empowered host communities now and into the future.

We are making good progress with our provision of family housing units and single accommodation, and are on track to meet our Mining Charter targets. We believe that home ownership is important and promote and facilitate home ownership among our employees through our housing scheme.

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.