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Building resilient communities

Our communities

To be productive, safe, responsible and sustainable, our operations must live alongside thriving communities.

They are the places our people call home, our closest neighbours, and stewards of the land entrusted to us for a period of time. So we work together with local government, community leaders, and NGOs to contribute to community needs: from housing and infrastructure to healthcare, education and recreation.

How we engage with our communities

As with any part of our business, we tackle community engagement with a focus on delivery. The application of our industry-leading Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox (SEAT) shows us how our operations affect each community. We can then engage more effectively, accountably and transparently.

Creating sustainable value for our communities

The places where we mine should be the first to benefit from the value we create.

Around the world we’re helping communities secure lasting prosperity. We do this through our socio-economic development strategy by creating jobs, choosing to buy local products and services, supporting new businesses and providing the investment needed to drive development by partnering with governments and NGOs.

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.