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A positive impact

Approach and policies

Pursuing excellence in sustainability is a fundamental part of our business strategy, and one of our five primary business levers. We deliver excellence in sustainability through:

  • Improved employee health and safety and striving towards zero harm
  • Effective environmental management, maintaining ISO 14001 certification and pursuing environmental best practices
  • Creating sustainable value for communities and achieving this by engaging regularly, transparently and meaningfully

We make a positive contribution through job creation; skills development; education; health provision; local economic development; procurement opportunities; payment of royalties and taxes; and infrastructure development and housing.

Our material issues

We have identified the issues that may have the greatest impact on our success as:

  • Our ability to optimise production, cost-effectively and efficiently, within a changing and complex business and socio-political environment
  • Our ability to understand, manage and meet stakeholder expectations and bridge any trust gaps
  • Safeguarding our employees’ and communities’ health and safety
  • Seeking to ensure access and affordable infrastructure and natural resources, and minimising our footprint
  • Our obligation to comply with legislation, regulation, voluntary codes and social compacts

For more information about our material issues, download the Integrated Report 2016.

Our stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is embedded in our culture as part of our values, policies, strategy and behaviour. We understand that without effective stakeholder engagement we cannot realise our strategic objectives. By building relationships that last, we’re working to turn our stakeholders into future partners.

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Our stakeholders are the investor and analyst community; employees; trade unions; customers; business partners; municipalities; government; NGOs; educational institutions; communities living near our operations; communities in labour-sending areas; media; environmental groups; supply-chain partners and JV partners. Anglo American Platinum has a stakeholder engagement policy approved by the Executive Committee and the Board. This policy is well communicated to all employees and contractors to ensure all stakeholders’ concerns are appreciated and responded to in a manner that is consistent with our values.

For more information, download the Integrated Report 2016.


Collaboration and partnership

It’s important to note that we have sustainability partners with whom we collaborate on a Group basis. These can be found at


We are committed, through our involvement in international frameworks such as the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), to working with stakeholders in government, business and civil society to promote good governance, the responsible use of mineral wealth and to prevent corruption. We are advocates for the EITI in the countries where we operate. In those countries where our host government has decided to implement the EITI we fully support the process. In addition, we make disclosure of our tax and royalty payments for our most significant countries of operation in our annual ‘Report to Society’.

Policies and standards

We have a comprehensive set of policies and standards which ensure we uphold the commitments we make to our stakeholders and work towards a common set of goals.

We are part of the UN Global Compact against corruption. As mentioned above, we support the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and follow the EU Transparency Directive.

Anglo American Platinum Ltd and all its subsidiaries and associates are committed to a policy of fair dealing and integrity in the conduct of business. This commitment, which is actively endorsed by the Board, is based on a fundamental belief that business should be conducted honestly, fairly, legally and responsibly. The Group expects all employees to share this commitment to high moral, ethical and legal standards and sound business principles as outlined in the Company’s Business Principles and Integrity Code. Under this code, we are implacably opposed to bribery and corruption.

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