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PGM Investment Programme

Programme overview

Anglo American Platinum Limited believes that it is important to invest in developing new and sustainable markets for PGMs (Platinum Group Metals). The PGM Investment Programme sits at the heart of the broader market development undertaken by the Group.

Together with various partners, we invest in a portfolio of activities ranging from research, product development and demonstration through to investments in early-stage businesses that use or enable the use of PGMs in the longer term. The development work also includes investments in the Platinum Guild International (PGI) and the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC).

Enabling Growth

Approximately 41% of the world’s platinum is used in auto catalysts, designed to reduce noxious emissions from vehicles. The remainder is used in industrial applications (approximately 20%), jewellery (approximately 35%) and investment products such as Exchange Traded Funds (approximately 4%).*

It is important for the long term sustainability of the industry to ensure that the industrial application of PGMs continues to grow, stimulating demand for the metals and a diversification of its uses into the future.

* Source: World Platinum Investment Council. Platinum Quarterly Q3 2016 22nd November 2016

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New technologies and uses for PGMs exist and are often developed but not always commercialised. The PGM Investment Programme helps to ensure that the businesses and individuals attempting to commercialise these products are adequately supported through the allocation of capital, security of metal supply and a long term, value-adding partnership with Anglo American Platinum. The Programme’s global remit helps to ensure the most attractive opportunities are identified.


How the programme can help

The PGM Investment Programme offers early stage and/or growth capital to businesses that can demonstrate the commercial viability of their products and/or growth capital for the further expansion of their businesses.

The Programme aims to facilitate additional benefits in the form of reliability of PGM supply and long term pricing benefits as well as the opportunity to explore broader support from the Anglo American Group.

Anglo American Platinum seeks to partner with innovators in early stage commercialisation or growth across geographies and to invest directly in opportunities that are mutually beneficial. Example industries and target innovations include, but are not limited to water treatment, electronics, recycling, electrochemical systems (e.g. fuel cell, value chain, flow batteries, electrolysers etc.) and medical devices.

Investment Programme Structure

The PGM Investment Programme activities are delivered from London.

Co-investment with like-minded businesses and investment funds is important to us and we encourage the sharing of expertise and experience, as well as of potential opportunities.

Our investments

Through the programme, we offer growth or expansion capital for early stage businesses that can demonstrate commercially viable products that either create or facilitate demand for PGMs.

To date we have partnered with, and invested in, a number of new promising technologies:

Altergy Systems

A global leader in the manufacture and supply of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, Altergy Systems use platinum in the membrane electrode assembly, a key component of the fuel cell. The company was the first fuel cell company to implement automated assembly lines enabling the high volume, low cost manufacture of fuel cells.

Ballard Power Systems

Ballard is a Canadian based business providing clean energy fuel cell products that enable optimized power systems for a range of applications. Platinum used in the membrane electrode assembly is a key component of the fuel cell.

Food Freshness Technology Holdings

Focused on solutions for extending food freshness, It’s Fresh! is FFTH’s primary commercialised technology that uses PGMs to remove ethylene which delays the ripening process of produce and extends its shelf life. An innovative tech company, the It’s Fresh! technology was developed by Johnson Matthey and funded by the Programme.


Hydrogenious Technologies is a pioneer in hydrogen storage in liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC). Hydrogenious’ technology enables safe and efficient energy storage in an easy to transport diesel-like liquid. The technology uses platinum and ruthenium catalysts to ‘load’ and ‘unload’ hydrogen into and out of the LOHC.

Greyrock Energy

Greyrock has developed state of the art Direct Fuel Production™ technology and the GreyCat™ catalyst. Greyrock’s technology enables the production of clean liquid fuels from a variety of gas resources, including flare gas, bio-gas, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. Greyrock systems enable customers to solve key environmental and energy challenges. PGMs are used in the GreyCat™ catalyst.

Primus Power

A leader in cost effective distributed energy storage for electrical stability and security, Primus Power has patented and developed a disruptive flow battery technology that enables low cost and long life energy storage. PGMs are used in a mixed metal oxide coating in the batteries, significantly enhancing their durability.

United Hydrogen Group (UHG)

UHG principally produces and distributes gaseous and liquid hydrogen, operating a bulk hydrogen production facility, which is expanding to include a liquefaction plant, and has also developed technology to convert “impure” gaseous hydrogen into a clean useable product. The company plans to deploy two hydrogen refuelling stations in the North East of the United States.

Submit an idea

Do you have an innovative idea that you’d like to share with us? Or are you an investor interested in discussing PGM market development?

We are keen to think outside of today’s applications, readily adapting to changing markets, demand and technology. We want to work with partners who can generate new demand for Platinum Group Metals for mutual benefit.

What to do

If you have an idea, or are a business using PGM’s looking for a partner, please send us your proposal covering the following points: 

  • Address your initial product, service or technology - how is it disruptive or break through?
  • Establish who your target customer is, the estimated size of your market, your technical and commercialisation approach.
  • Outline your current team and key partners who increase the likelihood of success.
  • Detail how you think you will make money, and any evidence of customer demand to date.

Email your proposal to:

Disclaimer: Please note, due to the volume of emails we receive, we cannot get back to every submission individually. Please do not send any information that you consider proprietary or confidential.

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