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Actively developing markets for our metal

PGM market development

Securing the future for PGMs

We invest in a portfolio of activities to sustain and increase long-term global demand for Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), partnering directly with research institutions as well as customers in the industrial, jewellery and investment sectors. We engage in laboratory-scale research, product development and commercialisation to ensure the continued relevance of PGMs, and secure thousands of direct and indirect jobs generated by the platinum industry. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and strive to efficiently develop the markets, leveraging industry and third party investment.

Global products enriching local communities

In addition to stimulating global demand, we invest in developing the skills and intellectual property needed to facilitate beneficiation in South Africa. Our beneficiation activities form a core part of our business strategy and market development goals, and we are proud to invest in a number of South African projects.

Developing innovative industrial applications for PGMs

Our market development activities are aimed at stimulating demand for industrial PGM-based products, with a special focus on fuel cells. Activities range from research and development, to product development and support for early stage businesses whose products use or facilitate the use of PGMs.

Together with Ballard Systems, in partnership with South Africa’s power utility Eskom, and the country’s Department of Energy, we have developed the world’s first fuel cell electrification grid. This was successfully trialled when it powered 34 households in the Fezile Dabi district, a remote residential area in South Africa’s Free State Province. Platinum is a key ingredient in this powerful new application.

Discovering new uses for PGMs

Development of new PGM products starts with investing in research and development. We fund a number of PGM research programmes across the world including the UK and South Africa.

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Developing new products for global application

We invest directly in developing new PGM products with global application, which can be manufactured in South Africa. Together with our partners, we are currently developing mining equipment powered by fuel cells. We have also recently launched a fuel cell rural electrification product developed for the South African market.


Stimulating long term platinum investment demand

Investment represents a large growth opportunity for global platinum demand, which could reduce the impact of variable demand from the industrial and jewellery market segments and provide demand growth in its own right.

Stimulating long term platinum investment demand

We are a founding member of the recently established World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC). The WPIC is funded by six of the leading South African producers and its mission is to stimulate global investor demand for physical platinum through both actionable insights and targeted product development. Improved demand would enhance the sustainability of the South African platinum industry and employment, and could stimulate further investment in new and existing mines.

Growing jewellery demand

Jewellery represents a third of global platinum demand with significant potential for growth. Together with the other platinum producers, we support the Platinum Guild International (PGI). The PGI’s core focus is on the high potential Asian markets of China and India. It is also active in Japan and the USA.

In South Africa, we invest in improving the design and manufacturing skills of jewellers and students so they can compete effectively, both locally and internationally. We sponsor various training institutions, providing instruction in platinum jewellery design and manufacturing. We also sponsor the PlatAfrica jewellery design and manufacture competition.

Platinum Guild International (PGI)

PGI is a worldwide marketing organisation dedicated to creating, expanding and strengthening consumer and trade markets for platinum jewellery. Through PGI’s marketing programmes, it nurtures and promotes consumer desire for platinum jewellery and provides information, sales support and training in the trade to turn that desire into a sale. Since 2000, China has led the demand for platinum jewellery, followed by Japan, North America and the rapidly expanding Indian market. PGI plays a key role in supporting and growing the platinum jewellery markets.

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