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Multi-Purpose Hub - Rustenburg

Multi-Purpose Hub - Rustenburg

In South Africa, some areas are well developed with infrastructures that compare with first world standards, while in others, people live in poverty without access to basic services and support that can enable them to apply for jobs, skills development programmes and broader opportunities.

At Anglo American, we want to better engage with our local communities and bring our services closer to them, as well as to provide the opportunity to communicate with us. That’s why we are in the process of setting up Multi-Purpose Hubs (MPH) – one-stop centres where you can find out about the services we offer to local communities – in Rustenburg, Mogalakwena and Amandelbult.

The Rustenburg MPH is already operational and based at 31 Marais Street, Rustenburg.

But, what does a MPH do?

What are Multi-Purpose Hubs?

The Rustenburg MPH serves as a centre from which a range of services and products can reach the local community. The aim is for communities to access these services and engage in available programmes and opportunities for their own empowerment.

The Rustenburg MPH:

    • Shares information about Anglo American Platinum [AAP] that is relevant to the community; for example, emergency response plans.
    • Provides a single location for the community to access opportunities within AAP on:
      • Enterprise and supplier development
      • Zimele funding
      • Recruitment
      • Bursaries
      • Community Economic Development, Corporate Social Investment and sponsorships
    • Provides a space for communities to meet, including:
      • Business rooms for small businesses
      • Community and Alchemy meetings

The Mogalakwena and Amandelbult MPHs will be set up by the end of 2017.

Enterprise and Supplier Development

AAP's enterprise and supplier development programme contributes to local economic development and addresses other social challenges, such as unemployment, crime and poverty, experienced by communities around our operations. We aim to:

  • give local Small, Medium & Micro Enterprise businesses (SMMEs) an opportunity to participate in our procurement activities
  • operate a successful Supplier Development Programme (produce sustainable local SMMEs)
  • create opportunities for JVs, consortiums, sub-contracting and partnerships for local SMMEs
  • collaborate with other enabling organisations and partners (e.g. Anglo American Zimele, Department of Mineral Resources and Department of Trade and Industry) to create platforms for local and black owned SMMEs
  • create job opportunities through procurement, and;
  • support local SMMEs to become sustainable beyond our mining.

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To demonstrate the positive impact this infrastructure can make, below are some examples of businesses that Zimele, our enterprise development programme, has supported in the Rustenburg area:

  • Bird Machines (Pty) Ltd: Mining equipment manufacturer - employs 86 people, with an annual turnover of R81.5 million.
  • Foodworks Catering Investment (Pty) Ltd: Catering services - employs 125 people with an annual turnover of R43.5 million.
  • Elipsis Blue (Pty) Ltd t/a as LPK Isivuno: Mining services - employs 106 people with an annual turnover of R15.4 million.
  • Joxicom (Pty) Ltd: Waste management services - employs 26 people with an annual turnover of R9.2 million.
  • Jumbou Joe CC: Civil Construction services - employs 10 people with an annual turnover of R928,800.

To learn more, please read our Procurement and Supplier Development Information booklet.



AAP prides itself as the employer of choice. We apply a strong recruitment process that ensures that we recruit the best talent and retain it by performing reference checks, background checks, criminal checks, assessments for job fit and development, as well as a detailed on-boarding programme.

Career opportunities in the company include mining, engineering, Safety Health and Environment, Human Resources, technical projects and Finance.

The Process Division employs, amongst others, chemists, control engineers, control room operators, control technical specialists, evaluation technicians, laboratory workers, process engineers, metal accountants, metallurgists, metallurgical assistants and process production. Around 2900 people are employed in our Process Division.

Community CV Database*

The community CV Database is meant for local community members to register their CVs to be considered for employment / high volume contract or emergency work at our operation. Whenever there is a requirement for labour from different departments, we will go through the Database to identify suitable candidates who meet the requirements.

Interested community members have to:

  • Fill in an application form (click here for the Manual Application Form) and get it signed by their local community leader to provide assurance that they are members of our host communities.
  • Register their CVs by uploading them here or dropping off their CVs and signed application form at the Multi-Purpose Hub location.

Find out more about jobs that are available.

*Registering your CV on the Community CV Database is not a guarantee that you will get employed by the company. Those who register their CVs will get employment opportunities as and when they are available.

The community CV Database is meant for local community members to register their CVs to be considered for employment / high volume contract or emergency work at our operation, whenever these are available. When there is a requirement for labour from different departments, we will go through the Database to identify suitable candidates who meet the requirements.


Anglo American Platinum Limited places a high degree of importance on the training and development of our employees. Training is facilitated at various Anglo American Platinum operational and company learning centres as well as via external service providers and educational institutions. Our training focus includes the following:

  • Occupational and discipline specific skills (Mining / Engineering / Process / etc.)
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Supervisory, Managerial and Leadership Skills
  • Legal and Mandatory training
  • Formal Educational qualifications [mainly through Adult Education and Training (AET) and the Educational Assistance Scheme].


We also offer training to community members. The training opportunities for community members include:

  • Adult Education and Training (AET) – communities are offered the opportunity to attend numeracy and literacy
  • Cadet Programmes
  • Engineering Training and learnerships (ESTC)

Find out about available training and development opportunities.

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Anglo American Platinum Engineering Skills Training Centre known as ESTC is situated in Gauteng Province, Westrand area in Randfontein. The centre is fully accredited with the Mining Qualification Authority (MQA) and have programme approval with MerSeta.

The Centre is also registered as Decentralised Trade Test Centre (DTTC). Learnerships are offered to community members who meet the criteria, for example, having Matric with Mathematics and Physical Science are an added advantage. Learners with qualifications from TEVET colleges also qualify if they have a technical subject. Specialised courses are designated only for employed people.



We offer bursaries for various fields of study depending on the needs of the business. Applications for bursaries are advertised in various forms of media during the second quarter of each year and close in May of the year.

Find out about available training and development opportunities.

Community development

We invest in a number of community initiatives that help with:

  • Health and Welfare
  • Education, Training & Development
  • Agriculture and Enterprise Development
  • Supply Chain (Local Procurement & Supplier Development)
  • Housing
  • Alchemy – a multi-billion Rand social development project, based on a community development framework model for shared ownership.
  • Local Government and traditional authority capacity building programmes
  • Infrastructure, e.g. schools, clinics, water and roads.

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We invest around R300 million annually for community development projects via social and labour plans and corporate social investment initiatives in South Africa. The focus is on local projects around the operations and in the areas where we source labour.

An average of R100 million is spent annually in the North West region on:

  • Infrastructure e.g. schools, clinics and community centres
  • Education support programs, e.g. Maths and science upgrading
  • Health e.g. mobile clinics and medical provisions
  • Enterprise and small business development
  • Agriculture

For example, we have built the Tlhabane West Primary School for R12.5 million. Previously, the children in the community had to risk their lives by crossing a busy road to access the nearest school. So we built a school with state of the art facilities, including an IT Centre. The school is an excellent example of true partnership with the surrounding community. 1047 learners are enrolled at this school.


Community development case studies

People First Piggery: Boitekong, Rustenburg

In 2011, AAP assisted seven people who were farming pigs on a casual/subsistence basis by helping them commercialize the farming into an income generating activity.

AAP funded the building of the infrastructure (pig pens) and also paired them up with SEDA to train the farmers on business development, product quality control, marketing and administration.

Total spend of R3,4 million.

Manthe Primary School: Taung , North West (Labour Sending Area)

The old school was in a deplorable state of dilapidation and hence the need to replace it with a new and modern educational facilities.

The old school was condemned and declared unfit for use. The school’s roll is in excess of 447 pupils.

Total spend of R20 million

Health Facilities

Purchased and managing the mobile clinic in the informal settlements around our operation. Currently busy with the construction of the Seraleng clinic (R31,3million) to service the same area. Current spend of R1,3 million.

Multipurpose Centre - Paardekraal

Construction of the centre in Paardekraal. Total spend of R8,8 million

SEDA Platinum Incubator and glass beads jewellery

Establishment of a glass beads jewellery project and purchase of required machinery and training for the corporative members. Current spend of R2,3 million

Construction of Science and computer labs in six schools

Construction and equipping of 2 science and 4 computer laboratories in the schools around our operations. Current spend of R9,2 million

Upgrading of school sports fields

Currently busy with the upgrading of 4 local schools sports fields at Photsaneng, Thekwane and Mfidikoe to the value of R6 million

Support to Bafokeng buy back centre

A waster recycling project which employs 16 people was supported to the total value of R1,8 million

Installation of high mast lights in Mfidikoe, Thekwana and Photsaneng

This is an ongoing project with a budget of R14.5 million


If you would like to apply for Corporate Social Investment funding, please send your application or proposal to

Have an idea?

Do you have an innovative idea that you'd like to share with us?

We want to work with partners who can generate new demand for Platinum Group Metals for mutual benefit. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who can think outside of today’s applications, who and can readily adapt to changing markets, demand and technology.

Visit our PGM Investment Programme and find out how to apply.

Grievance procedure

We encourage members of the public to report any incident or complaint that they may have about the Process Division’s operational activities.

A complaint is a concern or issue directly related to operational activities of AAP Process Division.

An incident is an event or occurrence that has taken place as a result of operational activities of the Process Division.

If you would like to report a complaint or an incident, please send an email to: or phone: 014592 9813

Crime hotline

The Process Division is committed to zero tolerance to crime and undesirable activities.

The security of Anglo American Platinum Limited lies between the ears and the eyes of its employees and their willingness to report crime and undesirable acts.

All criminal or undesirable acts can be reported to Tip-Off Anonymous Hotline: 0800 230 570 or via

Need to book a meeting room?

Meet our partners

We recognise the importance of collaborating with other organisations in order to serve the community better. Where there are services that we do not provide, we will refer visitors to organisations that offer those services.

We have agreed to collaborate with the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) – you can find further information on them and their training schedules in the links below:


If you have visited the Rustenburg MPH and would like to provide feedback, please fill out this form and email it to

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