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A rewarding workplace

Working at Anglo American Platinum

Joining us means choosing to shape the future.

Because of our scale and success, millions of real lives depend on us. This is why our business is all about people. Anglo American Platinum is the world’s leading producer of platinum and accounts for about 37% of world production.

We believe that our performance in platinum mining will only be successful with world-class relationships and best possible human resources practices. We have clear principles and values. Our way is to do the right thing, the right way, the first time – and we’re not afraid to make hard choices.

The Group strives to enhance its international status and position as the world's primary producer of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) by continuously looking for qualified and experienced individuals.

We know that our people define the success of our business. In winning the hearts and minds of our people our message is uncompromisingly clear: You are the difference. You are the business. More than this, we put real processes and systems in place that allow us to deliver on this commitment.

If you think you have the skills, attitudes and experience to be considered for a range of exciting opportunities with our diverse, dynamic and technologically advanced organisation, either apply for a specific vacancy advertised or alternatively register for job alerts to be informed of future opportunities.


Anglo American Platinum’s transformation programme aims to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of the South African population. In pursuit of this goal, we have been striving to create at all our operations the type of workforce that makes transformation possible and indeed that encourages it.

We endeavour to comply with requirements set out in the revised South African Mining Charter and the Employment Equity Act. At the end of 2016, HDSA’s represented 74% of those in management positions (2015: 62%) and women make up 14.9% of our workforce.

Our employment equity status shows satisfactory progress towards achieving equitable representation of designated groups across all occupational levels and categories of the workforce.

Breakdown of Employment Equity per Occupational Level

(2016 employment equity statistics as per Employment Equity Act requirements)

  Male Female Foreign nationals  
Occupational levels African Coloured Asian White African Coloured Asian White Male Female TOTAL
Top management 0 0 2 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 8
Senior management 41 6 14 100 9 0 8 10 10 0 198
Professionally qualified and experienced specialist and mid-management 523 21 19 464 177 4 20 132 32 7 1,399
Skilled technical and academically qualified workers, junior management, supervisors 2,348 26 5 718 704 11 5 184 193 3 4,197
Semi-skilled and discretionary decision making 13,392 7 0 67 2,021 2 0 14 2,001 1 17,505
Unskilled and defined decision making 956 1 0 5   0 0 0 67 0 1,415
Total permanent employees 17,260 61 40 1,358 3,299 17 33 340 2,303 11 24,722
Temporary employees 116 0 3 42 26 1 3 9 22 1 223
Grand total 17,376 61 43 1,400 3,325 18 36 349 2,325 12 24,945

Note: all numbers are for the year ended 31 December 2016.

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.